Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 for Ubuntu Phones Gets Delayed Until the End of March 2016

Earlier today, February 17, 2016, Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, informs us about the latest preparations for upcoming OTA updates for Ubuntu Phones.

We reported yesterday that the Ubuntu Touch team had to re-spin the OTA-9.1 image due some issues and that they were planning also to include the recent patch for the infamous Glibc vulnerability. Therefore, Mr. Zemczak today reports that the Ubuntu Touch devs did a second re-spin for the soon-to-be-released OTA-9.1 hotfix.

“Our OTA-9.1 adventure continues. In the morning we have prepared another re-spin including the urgent fix for the recent Glibc vulnerability,” said Łukasz Zemczak, Canonical Foundations Team. “The same fix has also landed to the overlay-ppa, meaning it should be present in the rc-proposed channel images as soon as the nearest build finishes.”

Users should not be worried about these changes and re-spins, as the Ubuntu Touch OTA-9.1 hotfix is on track and it should arrive, as expected, early next week. It will be, of course, available for all Ubuntu Phone users, including BQ Aquaris E4.5, BQ Aquaris E5 HD, Meizu MX4, and Nexus 4.

Lots of goodies landed for the major OTA-10 update

Development continues today for the major OTA-10 update for Ubuntu Phones, and we can report that the Ubuntu Touch development team managed to land updates for the Unity-System-Compositor, bringing native orientation support for the spinner, an updated Indicator Network, and a patch for a crash with the libgcrypt20 library.

Additionally, the day of February 17 brought an update to the touch seeds, implementing the GNOME Keyring tool for the storage of VPN passwords, along with the removal of the liboxideqt-qmlplugin library from the seeds, which promises to repair some issues with the chroot generation.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the Ubuntu Touch team announced today that they will have to delay the OTA-10 software update, which was supposed to see the light of day in the first week of March. Ubuntu Phone users should expect the OTA-10 update sometime at the end of March 2016, but more on that tomorrow.

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