Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Update Brings VPN Support, New Out-of-the-Box Experience

We told you yesterday that the Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 update for Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Tablet devices has officially received a release date of April 6, 2016, from Canonical.

And we promised to inform you about the new features that landed in the anticipated OTA-10 software for Ubuntu-powered devices. Therefore, it looks like Ubuntu Phone/Tablet owners will finally get VPN support, but without the ability to connect to PPTP VPN servers, Japanese keyboard support, and per-application download queues.

There’s now a new welcome wizard and first-use edge tutorial that promise to offer users a completely new, out of the box experience to those who purchase an Ubuntu Phone or Ubuntu Tablet with OTA-10 preinstalled. Additionally, a new color palette for apps adds support for the Suru Dark (dark) or Ambiance (light) themes.

Furthermore, the Pinyin support has been updated, a three-finger gesture was added for the Ubuntu Tablet to allow users to move from main to sidestage, Web Apps can now request access to the camera, microphone, vibrations, as well as the accelerometer sensor, and SASL authentications are now supported in Online Accounts.

uNav and Dekko are the new core apps

OTA-10 also introduces two new apps, uNav GPS navigator and Dekko e-mail client, which most of the Ubuntu Phone users should already have installed, will let users update their devices via 3G connections, adds filters for Scopes, and changes the look and feel of the Messaging app, along with support for MMS audio/video attachments.

Last but not least, there will be a separate volume control for external microphones and a special desktop mode toggle for pocket-desktop devices. The Web Browser app received many improvements as well, such as a touch selection for copying and pasting web content, and many annoying bugs have been addressed, as detailed in the release notes.

Ubuntu Touch VPN support

Ubuntu Touch VPN support

Via Softpedia

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