Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Update to Land in April, Supports the New BQ Ubuntu Tablet

Today we’re continuing our reports on the upcoming OTA-10 software update for Ubuntu-powered devices with some newsworthy developments that have been unveiled recently.

Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak has just informed us via an email sent to the Ubuntu Touch mailing list that the team of developers behind the Ubuntu mobile operating system have managed to add several interesting updates to many of the core components and apps, including Unity 8, ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts, BlueZ, account-plugins, indicator-network, and media-hub.

Most of these components include bugfixes, and the Ubuntu Touch devs have only a few days on their hands to add more of those awesome new features users are expecting for their Ubuntu-powered phones and tablets. Talking about tablets, the OTA-10 software update will also be available for the recently announced BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet device.

“OTA-10 will also be the first update during which we will also promote ubuntu-pd images besides the standard ubuntu ones, as frieza is joining our official batch of OTA devices this time,” said Łukasz Zemczak, Canonical Foundations. “OTA-10 release date? Currently, we’re aiming for somewhere around the beginning of April, but let’s see how things will look after feature-freeze.”

OTA-10 coming in April

So, as you can see from Mr. Zemczak’s quote above, the Ubuntu Touch team are currently planning on officially releasing the OTA-10 update to all supported Ubuntu Phones, as well as the new Ubuntu Tablet, which received the “frieza” codename, sometimes in the first days of April 2016.

However, until then, OTA-10 will enter its feature and string freeze stage, which has been set for March 11, 2016. We also take this opportunity to further inform our readers that the Nexus 10 tablet devices will no longer receive OTA updates from Canonical and it is now under the maintenance of the UBports developers.

Via Softpedia

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