Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Takes Shape, Promises Unity 8 Improvements and Miracast

It has been a while since we discussed here something about the development of the next major Ubuntu Touch OTA update, the OTA-11, and at the request of many of you, we’ll post the following information to keep you guys up to date.

First of all, we would like to tell you that things are looking very good for the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 software update and development continues in the background as the team behind the mobile operating system for Ubuntu Phones, and now the Ubuntu Tablet too implements new features and updates existing components all the time.

Łukasz Zemczak has just informed us about the latest changes that landed this week for Ubuntu Touch OTA-11, which approaches its Final Freeze stage very fast, possibly later today. Among these changes, we can mention a new unity-scopes-shell release with support for embedded authentication parameters, the latest network-manager release, as well as an updated Dialer app that now features a better lock-screen emergency call visualization.

OTA-11 should arrive later this month with Wi-Fi Display

The list of changes continues with an updated indicator-datetime component, which received fixes for the alarm functionality, a new X.Org Server version with a patch for an XMir keymap issue, various small changes to the indicator-sound and ubuntu-themes components with updates for the action and indicator icons, as well as calendar mono, and, of course a new Unity 8 interface with dynamic grid units and multiple improvements.

Lastly, OTA-11 will finally introduce Aethercast, the protocol for Miracast and Wi-Fi Display so you can converge from your couch, which everyone has been waiting for for so long. Right now there’s no official information on when the Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 update will arrive for supported Ubuntu Phones and Ubuntu Tablets, but considering the fact that the Final Freeze knocks on the door, it should be ready for deployment later this month.

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