Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Users Report Serious Bug That Causes Dropped Calls After OTA Update

A few Ubuntu Touch users are reporting that a serious bug is affecting the operating system, causing the calls to drop, and they are asking developers to hurry up with an update.

Since Ubuntu for phones is a complex project, it doesn’t take much to mess things up. It hasn’t happened so far, at least, not on a large scale, but some Ubuntu users are now reporting a serious bug, and they are asking the developers to take care of it, especially in the light of their previous statements about skipping the OTA 9.5 hotfix.

It’s not uncommon for major updates to introduce various bugs and regressions, and it happens. In fact, the more complex the project, the bigger the chances of something going wrong. From the looks of it, some users are now reporting that the calls drop out and that Unity is restarting.

OTA 9.5 might be needed after all

For a few months now, the Ubuntu developers have pushed out an intermediary OTA update between major releases that takes care of various smaller problems that have been reported by the community.

“I agree with Jelmer as well. The phone is current unstable w.r.t making/receiving calls after upgrading to OTA-9 where Unity8 just reboots in the middle of a call. And this happens for at least 8 out 10 calls. This issue is really critical since it affects one of the main functionality of a phone and a hotfix OTA would be most welcome. Waiting for another month for OTA-10 would be disastrous in my personal opinion,” one of the users wrote in the official mailing list.

There is already a bug entry opened on Launchpad, and it’s been marked with critical importance. There are 11 people who have confirmed it at the time of writing this article, which is a lot for a bug on Launchpad. It looks like Canonical’s plans to skip the OTA 9.5 update might have been scrapped.

Via Softpedia

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