Linux News Today: Ubuntu Tweak Is Now Officially Dead and Buried

The creator and maintainer of the once popular Ubuntu Tweak utility, Tualatrix Chou, announced a few minutes ago that its project is no longer under maintenance starting May 2, 2016.

Ubuntu Tweak was one of the most downloaded applications that could have allowed Ubuntu users to tweak every single component of their GNU/Linux operating systems, making their lives much easier while using Ubuntu.

Each time a new version of Ubuntu Linux was released, a few days later the Ubuntu Tweak tool was updated with support for the respective Ubuntu version so that users can install it and configure their system and desktop settings.

This is not the first time we hear that Ubuntu Tweak’s development has ended, as three years ago Tualatrix Chou announced that he would no longer be involved in the development of the open-source software project.

At that moment in time, he was “forced” to reconsider his decision, at the request of numerous Ubuntu users, but now it’s official. The website is gone, redirecting users to the project’s blog.

Also, Launchpad and GitHub project pages now state that the project is no longer under maintenance, starting May 2, 2016. Tualatrix Chou also posted a short announcement to inform the community that Ubuntu Tweak will no longer be developed.

Shortly, he will shut down completely the Ubuntu Tweak Blog and the main website, which is now inaccessible, and next year Tualatrix Chou will stop the domain name renewals.

Unity Tweak Tool is the best tool to configure your Ubuntu desktop

Now that Ubuntu Tweak is officially dead, the only tool that can help you tune your Ubuntu Linux operating system running the Unity user interface is Unity Tweak Tool, which is installable directly from the distribution’s main software repositories.

Unity Tweak Tool is mainly a settings manager for the Unity desktop environment, but you can use to configure various other elements, such as to add or remove desktop themes, icon sets, fonts, and much more.

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