Linux News Today: ubuntuBSD Is Looking to Become an Official Ubuntu Flavor

ubuntuBSD maintainer and lead developer Jon Boden is now looking for a way for his operating system to contribute to the Ubuntu community and, eventually, become an official Ubuntu flavor.

Just two weeks ago, we were the first to introduce you guys to the ubuntuBSD project, whose main design goal is to bring users an operating system powered by the FreeBSD kernel while offering them the familiarity of the Ubuntu Linux OS.

Right now, ubuntuBSD is in heavy development, with a fourth Beta build out the door on the other day, April 7, 2016, and it looks like the developer already seeks official status. He’s willing to contribute all of his work the main Ubuntu channels.

“I would like to contribute all my work to Ubuntu Community and, if you think it is worthy, make ubuntuBSD an official Ubuntu project like Xubuntu or Edubuntu,” said Jon Boden. “If you’re interested, please let me know how would you like me to proceed.”

We believe that ubuntuBSD is a very interesting project, that’s why we’re promoting it on our website, but for it to become an official Ubuntu flavor so soon, it might not be realistic, at least not at this moment and not without a final release of the OS.

At the moment of writing this blog post, there’s no official answer from Canonical’s employees, but we will keep you guys updated if we hear anything in the coming days or weeks, so check back here again soon for an update on this interesting story.

Via Softpedia

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