Linux News Today: Ubuntu's Aethercast Work in Progress for Display Casting Now Available

Meizu MX Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is launching soon, and developers are preparing the integration of Aethercast, a technology that will allow users to cast the display via Miracast or WiFi Display.

As it stands right now, the only two capable devices from the Ubuntu lineup that can natively connect to a display are the old Nexus 4 from LG and the announced and still unreleased BQ Aquaris M10 tablet. Canonical is well aware that they need more devices that can demonstrate the convergence, and they are trying to bring the feature to the Meizu MX Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition.

Details about a new technology named Aethercast that is being developed for Ubuntu phones were revealed a few months ago, but it looked like it wasn’t really the focus of the developers. Now, the Ubuntu team is starting to put more effort into Aethercast, and with a little bit of luck, it will be ready in time for the Meizu MX Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition launch.

Aethercast is coming along

Ubuntu users want to connect their phones to external displays, but that’s not possible right how unless you have a Nexus 4 phone. Aethercast will allow users to connect to TVs that have support for Miracast and WiFi Display.

One of our readers has pointed out that there is already an Ubuntu Wiki with information on how to get Aethercast working on Ubuntu phones, although it’s still highly experimental and it’s only working for the upcoming Meizu MX Pro 5.

Even with this feature, many users will argue that they just don’t have a TV with these capabilities. Well, fortunately for you, Canonical happens to come up with the solution, and it’s called Microsoft Wireless Display. If you don’t like Microsoft, there are a few other solutions.

Aethercast is moving from being a simple concept to something that can be used by anyone. We’ll most likely get to try it with the Meizu MX Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition.

Via Softpedia

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