Linux News Today: uGet, the Best Download Manager for Linux, Has Been Updated to Version 2.0.5

Whether you want to or not, uGet remains one of the best graphical download manager applications for GNU/Linux operating systems, and it has been updated today to version 2.0.5.

Please note that we’ve said “graphical” download manager in the above paragraph, as some of you might be quick to comment below that wget is the best download manager for Linux.

While it’s true that wget remains undefeated as the best command-line (CLI) download manager, uGet is still the most popular GUI tool for newcomers searching for the best app to download everything they need from the Internet.

Michael Tunnell, the developer of uGet, released the 2.0.5 version on February 8, but since he didn’t publish any news on the project’s website, we had to dig in a little bit and search for the changelog, so we can tell you guys what has been improved or fixed.

What’s new in uGet 2.0.5

uGet 2.0.5 is not an impressive release, it’s only a small maintenance build, but it adds some much-needed improvements to the cURL plugin, such as support for disabling SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) verification for hosts.

Moreover, post and cookie files are no longer checked by the cURL plugin if there’s no HTTP setting data, and data will no longer be assigned to the cURL plugin if it fails to start. Also, a SIGINT crash has been fixed.

Among other interesting changes, we can notice that it is now possible to stop all the download tasks when the application enters offline mode, as well as to adjust the width of the download properties form by width of category chooser.

If you want to upgrade your uGet installation right now, you can grab the binaries for your GNU/Linux distribution from the project’s official website or via Softpedia. Also, please keep in mind that uGet is available in Google Play Store for Android devices, for free, of course.

Via Softpedia

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