Linux News Today: uNav GPS Navigation App for Ubuntu Phones Now Offers Offline Maps, Convergence

Today, July 6, 2016, Marcos Costales has had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability of a new update of his uNav GPS navigator app for Ubuntu Phone devices.

uNav 0.60 is now live in the Ubuntu Store for the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, and it promises to bring a convergence support, allowing users to use the app on the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, in addition to all the supported Ubuntu Phone devices.

“Thanks to the work of Nekhelesh Ramananthan and Joerg Berroth this is the best uNav version ever,” said Marcos Costales in today’s announcement. “uNav now offers offline maps. But this time everything will not be good news. We had to migrate to a W/B map because of the new Mapquest’s ToS. We hope to find an alternative ASAP.”

uNav now offers offline maps

Another feature that most of Ubuntu Phone users have requested for so long, is an option to enable the use of offline maps. Yes, you’re reading it right, uNav is now officially an offline maps app. However, it looks like the uNav developers had to migrate to a W/B map, but they will find an alternative in the next updates.

Other than that, uNav 0.60 now offers users, faster and custom nearby POIs (Point of Interest). As with any new update of a software, many bugs reported by users since the previous release are being squashed. Therefore, it looks like over ten issues have been addressed in uNav 0.60.

We recommend taking a look at the full changelog if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed. In the meantime, make sure you check out the gallery below to see the new features of uNav 0.60 in action, and don’t forget to update your uNav app on your Ubuntu Phone, and now on the Ubuntu Tablet too.

Ubuntu convergence

Ubuntu convergence

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