Linux News Today: Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 Released with Active Directory Enhancements

Univention is pleased to announce the release of Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 server-oriented Linux operating system based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux technologies.

Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 comes three months after the 4.1-2 maintenance update to bring most of the core components to their latest versions from the Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 “Jessie” software repositories, as well as to add various improvements and fix some of the most annoying issues reported by users.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of UCS 4.1-3 for download, the third point release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.1. It includes all errata updates issued for UCS 4.1-2 and provides various improvements and bugfixes,” reads today’s announcement. “Questions can be asked in the Univention Forum in the section UCS.”

Here’s what’s new in Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3

Release highlights of Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 include an improved App Center with support for migrating applications to dockerized apps (also known as conternized apps), the stabilization of the replication of directory service objects functionality, and support for joining more than 100,000 directory service objects through the Samba-based Active Directory (AD) domain controllers.

Furthermore, it appears that the application appliances have been improved again to allow app providers to define their own branding and enable a fast demonstration mode. Additionally, it’s now possible for public testers to evaluate the app in the appliance using pre-defined settings, which fastens the entire testing process.

Other than the above, Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 implements support for defining the configuration settings of the MySQL database management system by using UCR variables, and the latest security updates have been imported from upstream for some of the most important components, including Samba, OpenSSL, libvirt, and QEMU.

Lastly, today’s update of Univention Corporate Server comes with security updates in the standard LDAP ACLs and the UMC server. Download Univention Corporate Server 4.1-3 right now via our website, and make sure that your UCS installation is always up to date with the latest software releases and security patches.

Via Softpedia

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