Linux News Today: Unreal Engine 4.11 Released with Major New Features, Countless Improvements

Today, March 31, 2016, Epic Games has had the great pleasure of announcing the general availability of its brand-new Unreal Engine 4.11 game engine software for all supported platforms.

Filled with countless bug fixes and performance improvements, Unreal Engine 4.11 comes today for professional and amateur game developers who are looking for the ultimate tool in creating the most spectacular and astonishing games for all major operating systems and gaming platforms, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Xbox, and Sony PlayStation.

Prominent features of Unreal Engine 4.11 include Several new animation and rendering features focused on providing realistic characters, such as realistic hair shading, realistic eye shading, improved skin shading, realistic cloth shading, capsule shadows, particle depth of field, dithered opacity mask, dithered level-of-detail crossfades, improved hierarchical level-of-detail, and anim dynamics.

“This release is packed with many new features and numerous performance optimizations. Performance has been a big focus for us as we prepare to ship our next game, Paragon,” says Alexander Paschall of Epic Games. “UE4 continues to push VR forward with improvements to VR rendering and support for the latest SDKs so that you can ship your games as VR hardware becomes available to consumers.”

New audio features and tools improvements

Unreal Engine 4.11 is filled with numerous other new features and improvements, among which we can mention support for recording animations during live gameplay, higher quality depth of field, improved DirectX 12 support, Metal rendering on Mac OS X, faster lighting builds, lightmass portals, animation posing by copying from meshes, new level-of-detail bone reduction tool, particle cutouts, and stereo 3D spatialization.

As usual, there are updates to most of the supported SDKs, including Oculus Rift SDK 0.8.0 Beta, Oculus Mobile SDK 1.01, PlayStation VR SDK 3, SteamVR 0.9.12, PS4 SDK 3.008.201, Xbox One XDK November QFE 1, HTML5 SDK (Emscripten) 1.35.0, Linux Clang 3.7.0, and Apple tvOS 9.0. Unreal Engine 4.11 is available for download for free right now for experienced and aspiring game developers alike.

Realistic Hair Shading

Realistic Hair Shading

Realistic Cloth Shading

Realistic Cloth Shading

Improved Hierarchical LOD

Improved Hierarchical LOD

Anim Dynamics (Fast Physics Simulation for Characters)

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