Linux News Today: Upcoming Features of Fedora 25 Linux, Fedora 24 Launches Next Week on June 14 – Exclusive

The development of the highly anticipated Fedora 24 Linux operating system is almost over now, and everyone is looking forward to the June 14 official release.

Fedora 24 will be shipping with a kernel from the Linux 4.5 series, the latest GNOME 3.20, Xfce 4.12, and KDE Plasma 5.6 desktop environments, as well as up-to-date software applications and core components, among which we can mention the LibreOffice 5.1.3 office suite and Mozilla Firefox 46.0.1 web browser.

However, Fedora Rawhide, the development channel of the GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by the Red Hat giant, already contains packages for the next major release of the operating system, Fedora 25, whose release date has been set for November 8, 2016. Fedora Rawhide with Fedora 25 packages is live since February 23, 2016.

The next milestone on the official release schedule of Fedora 25 Linux is the deadline for the proposal submissions of system-wide changes, a.k.a. the upcoming features of the distribution, which has been currently set for the date of July 5, less than one month from the moment of writing this article.

Here’s what’s coming to Fedora 25

In this article, we would like to share with our readers some of the features (system-wide changes) that have been approved for the Fedora 25 Linux distro. Among these, we can mention the implementation of the Storaged project for accessing and manipulating disks and other storage devices, as a drop-in replacement for UDisks2.

“Storaged extends UDisks2 API by exporting several enterprise features (in form of plugins), such as LVM2 and iSCSI,” reads the Fedora Wiki page for the respective change. “The main motivation of this change is to provide the unified D-Bus API for all the clients who are willing to manage LVM2, iSCSI, Btrfs, BCache, LSM and ZRam.”

Other changes include support for installing debuginfo packages in parallel, making it easier for administrators and application developers to see what a certain program is doing or why it crashed, update to Perl 5.24, as well as the removal of the Perl packages from minimal build root. Moreover, it looks like Network Security Services (NSS) and OpenJDK have been updated to follow the system-wide crypto policy.

Of course, there will be more features coming to Fedora 25, which will be revealed in time, and according to the official release schedule, the Alpha build should be available for testing around the date of August 23. Then, the Fedora 25 Beta could be seeded to public beta testers on October 4, 2016, if everything will go according to the initial plan.

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