Linux News Today: Valve Makes Steam Controller a First-Class Citizen in the Latest Steam Client Update

Today, February 2, Valve posted news on a new stable update for its Steam Client software, which users should receive right now on their PCs via the built-in update utility.

From the looks of it, the Steam Client February 2 update is a big one, bringing all the features and fixes that Valve bragged with for a couple of months during the Beta phase of the software, with the exception of the Steam Client January 2 tiny update that updated the Steam Subscriber Agreement for 2016.

There are dozens of changes in this release, so we strongly recommend that you read the changelog listed in the update pop-up if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed or access the release notes online on the Steam website, as it will be impractical for us to list them all here.

However, we’ll list here some of the prominent ones, like stability improvements for games that make Steamworks API calls from multiple threads at the same time, as well as memory usage optimizations for games that integrate Steamworks cloud storage functionality. A few Steam Cloud sync and chat changes are also present.

For SteamOS, today’s update implements a user interface that lets users pair Bluetooth devices more easily. There are also a couple of Linux fixes, many In-Home Streaming changes, bringing compatibility with older 2D games like Space Age or Dragon’s Lair, and many other goodies, and a couple of Big Picture improvements.

Steam Controller is the star of this release

As expected, Steam Controller is the star of this release, as Valve added all of those cool features that were promised for a long time now, such as per-account controller personalization, mouse region snapping support, a brand-new export save system, as well as support for browsing and importing games configurations from any game.

Furthermore, Steam Controllers get a dual stage trigger mode, better support for non-Steam games, and the highly anticipated support for configuration travelling for those who want to carry their Steam Controller with them when playing games at a friend’s place. Linux, Mac and Windows users can update their Steam Client right now.

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