Linux News Today: Vendetta Online 1.8.367 3D Space Combat Game Has Better Joystick Support on Linux

Guild Software announced the release of yet another maintenance release of their Vendetta Online 3D space combat massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for all supported platforms.

According to the changelog published by the Guild Software developers and attached at the end of the article for reference, Vendetta Online 1.8.367 is a minor point release that tries to fixes some of the issues reported by users since the previous version.

Among the changes implemented in Vendetta Online 1.8.367, we can mention better joystick support for GNU/Linux operating systems, as the game will no longer attempt to rescan for controllers when the user presses specific keys on the keyboard.

Vendetta Online 1.8.367 also sees the addition of new Border Patrol and Advanced Combat Training group missions, an increase of the Raptor UDV armor from 10,500 to 12000, and support for modifying the radar blip coloring via plugins.

Users are being informed that when a plugin attempts to modify the status of a player by overriding the GetFriendlyStatus function, the UpdateAllRadarFriendlyStatus() or UpdateRadarFriendlyStatus(< node_id >) functions must be called to update the radar.

Major gameplay tweaks are coming soon to Vendetta Online

Also new in Vendetta Online 1.8.367 is the ability to process the shadows for multi-threaded rendering with dynamic shadows and lights in their own thread. Guild Software promises some major gameplay tweaks by the end of the month.

“We’re aiming to have some gameplay tweaks at the end of next week, and a major announcement before the end of the month. Have a great weekend, everyone!” said the Guild Software developers in the release announcement.

In the meantime, existing Vendetta Online users can now upgrade to version 1.8.367 using the built-in updater utility, and new users can get their hands on a free, 30-day trial from the project’s website, from where you can also purchase the game.

Via Softpedia

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