Linux News Today: Vendetta Online 1.8.384 Adds New Voice Chat Commands, VR Improvements

Guild Software announced a new maintenance update for their popular Vendetta Online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) title, version 1.8.384, for all supported platforms.

According to the release notes, Vendetta Online 1.8.384 is a small update that only introduces a /voicegroup set of commands designed to allow players to create random Voice Chat channels supporting up to 32 users. The /voicegroup command set is similar to the /group command set, and to learn how to use it simply type /voicegroup.

Moreover, there’s now a /voicechattoggle command that lets players switch between subscribed channels more easily. For example, you’ll be able to switch between Guild, Group or other existing channels just by typing the /voicechattoggle command in the console. To see its usage, type only /voicechattoggle.

VR mode’s nav map gets a description overlay

Also new in the Vendetta Online 1.8.384 maintenance update is the availability of a description overlay for VR mode’s nav map functionality, but will work only when the “Look-To-Select” feature is active. Players can use the description overlay to view information about the currently selected sector.

“The new general-usage voice chat system is just a first pass. We intend to also add an elaborate UI around it, but after we do some more testing with VR and other use-cases to determine what kind of interface will work best. In the meantime, let us know how the functionality works?,” reads the announcement.

Vendetta Online 1.8.384 comes as a free update for all existing players and it’s available right now via the internal updater for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. Newcomers can get a free trial version of Vendetta Online or purchase a new license directly from the project’s website.

Via Softpedia

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