Linux News Today: Vendetta Online 3D Space Combat Game Gets Sony DualShock 4 Controller Support

Guild Software today, May 5, 2016, announced the availability of a new maintenance release of its Vendetta Online 3D space combat MMORPG game, version 1.8.378, for all supported operating systems.

While Vendetta Online 1.8.378 appears to be a pretty small update to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, it packs some interesting changes, among which we can mention better detection of Sony DualShock 4 controllers when they are connected via the Bluetooth technology, as well as support for voice chat on Android, which failed work on previous versions of the game due to some bugs.

“This is a small interim patch release to fix some problems that have been plaguing people. We’re still focused very intensely on our VR goals, so that’s taking up much of our time. We expect to get back to game content enhancements as soon as we hit certain milestones, hopefully within the next few weeks. Thanks for the patience, everyone,” reads today’s announcement.

Offline Play mode issues were fixed for all platforms

In addition to the changes mentioned above, today’s update of the Vendetta Online 3D space combat game addresses a Lua error that occurrent when players attempted to leave the Offline Play mode. This issue has been fixed for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Lastly, Vendetta Online 1.8.378 promises to fix an issue with the game not resuming on Android devices after they are woken up from standby mode, and when no lock screen is present, such as Android TVs. Guild Software continues to work hard on improving the VR features for Vendetta Online, which should hit stable in the not too distant future. Please update to Vendetta Online 1.8.378 as soon as possible.

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