Linux News Today: Vendetta Online MMORPG Game's Capabilities Are Evolving, Devs Say

Guild Software, the developers of the popular and cross-platform Vendetta Online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), have recently announced the release of the Vendetta Online 1.8.368 update.

Vendetta Online 1.8.368 introduces a new method for handling the visibility of limited-availability missions, which will be grayed out from now on and will show players a timer indicating their availability. It also optimizes the rendering of singular stars in the background and updates the active mission dialog to instruct players how to verify the mission log for additional info.

Furthermore, the Border Patrol feature has been updated with the ability to inform Itani players about the fact that they need to go to Deneb, and with support for recording the destination sector into the mission’s log. While the changelog for Vendetta Online 1.8.368 is pretty short, the developers have published a lot of juicy details about what they’re working on.

“Speaking of priorities, we have a lot of other big changes going on right now, which are time-sensitive as we need to hit certain release dates that coincide with the shipment of other products. Much of this is VR and immersion related, but the changes we’re making go well beyond VR, and this will all be pretty beneficial to the game as a whole,” developers explain.

The game interfaces have been enhanced

Among some of the most interesting features that Guild Software devs are working on right now and managed to implement in the game, we can mention the placement of all game interfaces on a floating panel at a certain location in the 3D space. This lets them break up the HUD mechanics to separate locations, thus bringing more VR enhancements.

Of course, more awesome features are coming to Vendetta Online this year, so stay tuned for future announcements. As usual, we’re urging all users of the Vendetta Online game to update their installations to version 1.8.368 as soon as possible. On the other hand, new players can get Vendetta Online for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android or iOS operating systems right now from the project’s website.

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