Linux News Today: Vivaldi 1.1 Web Browser in the Works, First Snapshot Build Adds New Tab Options

We’ve just been informed by Vivaldi’s Ruarí Ødegaard about the availability for testing of the first snapshot build towards the Vivaldi 1.1, the web browser’s upcoming point release.

As you probably are aware, Vivaldi 1.0 reached stable status on April 6, 2016, after more than a year of public development, for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. So it feels natural for them to start work on the next release, Vivaldi 1.1, which will add even more great features.

“Today’s snapshot is the first in the 1.1 series and we have added a few small features already,” said Ruarí Ødegaard, Linux QA and Testing at Vivaldi. “We now switch tabs when trying to close a pinned one, provide easier mass closing of tabs, add links to tab stacks by default and provide a new ‘keyboard shortcut to rule them all.'”

Here’s what’s new in Vivaldi Snapshot 1.1.443.3

Among the new features introduced in today’s Vivaldi Snapshot 1.1.443.3 milestone, we can mention the ability to navigate back from a closed pinned tab to the previously active one using the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut. “While pinned tabs cannot close, you may issue this shortcut by force of habit. Now we bring you back to the tab you were probably looking for,” explained Ruarí.

Moreover, it’s now possible to close all opened tabs at once if you hold the Alt key while clicking on the close button, along with the ability to open links within a tab stack, which users can activate from Vivaldi’s Preferences dialog, under Tabs -> Tab Features -> Tab Stacking -> Open Links in Current Tab Stack. Lastly, you can now map the keyboard shortcut that enables or disables the other keybindings.

Download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.1.443.3 for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, which remains based on the Chromium 49.0 web browser. The final Vivaldi 1.1 release will be rebased on Chromium 50. Please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version of Vivaldi, not suitable for deployment in production environments. Check out the changelog below for more details on the changes coming to Vivaldi 1.1.

Via Softpedia

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