Linux News Today: Warsow 2.1 First-Person Shooter Game Released for Easter with Many Changes

Easter is being celebrated in different parts of the world, and the developers of the free and open-source Warsow first-person shooter have announced the release of version 2.1.

Warsow 2.1 lives up to the major Warsow 2.0 release announced back in December 2015 and brings even more new features, as well as dozens of improvements and bug fixes. One of the major changes in Warsow 2.1 is support for off-loading the renderer into a separate thread.

What this means exactly is that your network connection and the movement of your mouse will no longer be affected by the screen refresh rate when playing the game. The second most interesting new feature is sandboxing of third-party textures and maps, which will no longer override the stock assets.

“The next major release of Warsow introduces some significant changes to the engine along with some polish and fixes to the gameplay,” said one of the Warsow developers in the announcement published on March 27, 2016. “As usual, a fair amount of bugfixes along with mapping and modding improvements has gone into the release.”

Important changes for GNU/Linux systems

Warsow 2.1 has many great improvements, and a very important one is the change of the path to the local cache and profile on GNU/Linux systems, adding better support for the new XDG-Apps technology that lets you install multiple versions of a piece of software on your operating system.

The new profile path should now be $HOME/.local/share/warsow-2.x instead of $HOME/.warsow-2.x, but it is also possible for it to follow the XDG directory specification (e.g. $XDG_DATA_HOME). The same goes for the cache directory, and it’s essential to know that the server configurations are also affected by this change.

There are, of course, numerous other minor improvements in Warsow 2.1, so you need to check out the changelog below if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed in this release. In the meantime, you can download Warsow 2.1 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from our website.

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