Linux News Today: Watch: What's Coming in 2016 for the Calamares 2.0 Graphical Linux Installer

Philip Müller, the creator and lead developer of the well-known Manjaro Linux operating system, has recently published a video where he talks about the upcoming features of the Calamares 2.0 graphical installer.

For those of you who are not in the loop, Calamares is a GNU/Linux distribution independent installer that features a graphical user interface and is used in numerous Linux kernel-based operating systems, including Manjaro Linux.

In the five-minute-long video, you can see and hear Mr. Müller talking about the newly introduced functionalities of the second Beta milestone of the Calamares installer, which is pretty similar to Canonical’s Ubiquity installer used in Ubuntu Linux.

“Hello community, I found some time to talk about the major changes made to the upcoming Calamares 2.0,” says Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team.

The current development state of Calamares 2.0 presents users with an easy-to-use graphical installer that features eight screens, allowing you to fully set up your Arch Linux-based operating system without too much hassle.

Among the new stuff implemented in Calamares 2.0 Beta 2, we can mention a revamped disk partitioning screen with support for BIOS and GPT partitions, and numerous other useful options.

Moreover, the Summary screen offers some great details about your Linux installation, among which location, keyboard layout, as well as partitioning scheme, including graphical and text information.

Via Softpedia

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