Linux News Today: What the Ubuntu Convergence Means for Businesses, Consumers, OEMs, and Devs

As you may well be aware, Canonical and BQ unveiled the world’s first Ubuntu Tablet, the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, which also happens to be the first Ubuntu converged device, which users can transform into a full-fledged PC.

What we didn’t tell you in those announcements (check the links above to read them and learn everything there is to know about the Ubuntu Tablet) is what the Ubuntu convergence means for various markets, such as small- or medium-sized businesses, enterprises, OEMs, as well as consumers and developers.

Let’s start with enterprises and businesses of all sizes, as this is the most significant market target for Canonical, the company behind the world’s most famous free operating system, Ubuntu Linux. First and foremost, you should know that the Ubuntu convergence will allow you to take your work with you everywhere you go.

Ubuntu convergence lets you combine web-based and local apps for both desktop and mobile use while keeping all of your documents and files secure thanks to Ubuntu Linux’s enterprise-grade, system-based security. Best of all, it will work seamlessly with thin client services and VDIs (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures).

OEMs, developers, and consumers can also benefit from the Ubuntu convergence

OEM, ODMs, and Operators can use the Ubuntu convergence to bring their customers something fresh, which will most certainly sell like hotcakes. The innovation Canonical provides in the mobile space with its Ubuntu convergence vision has no limits. It does not stop at three phones and one tablet, and as an OEM, you’ll definitely stand out from the rest.

For developers, Ubuntu convergence opens a new world of opportunities, where they will be able to design and build new applications for the next-generation of Ubuntu operating systems, which will all work across phones, tablets, and PCs powered, of course, by the Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu SDK is the best friend of aspiring Ubuntu developers who want to get fame easily, as well as to earn cash.

Lastly, home users can benefit the most from Ubuntu convergence, as the new Mircast (also known as DisplayCast) technology (coming soon) allows them to connect their Ubuntu mobile phone or tablet to a TV with a simple press of a button. All of their favorite apps will work across all devices and interfaces, and they will be there for them to enjoy at all times. Ubuntu convergence is here to make life easier for everyone!

Via Softpedia

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