Linux News Today: What's New in Ubuntu OTA 9.1 Update for Ubuntu Phones

A new Ubuntu OTA update is on its way and it should land tomorrow. Here are the fixes and improvements that will be released to the public.

Canonical usually pushes a single hotfix between two major OTA releases, but a nasty bug that seems to have affected a lot of users forced their hand into releasing a hotfix earlier than expected.

Since the bug affected quite a few people, the developers couldn’t wait weeks until the OTA 9.5 was ready and they are now hurrying up with a few smaller fixes that will be delivered under the OTA 9.1 version.

Ubuntu is an open source operating system and that means we know ahead of time what the changes for a particular patch are. It’s very useful for users who want to know if their problems are going to be repaired anytime soon.

What’s new in OTA 9.1

The new OTA 9.1 version is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, February 24, and it’s going to land as a regular phased update. This means that it will take 24 hours to reach all the Ubuntu users.

According to the changelog, the Return key for physical keyboards now works in web pages, the Mir server no longer crashes on mouse input, and the famous “Phone not usable while a call comes in” followed by “restart” bug has been corrected.

Also, the UI no longer freezes when simultaneously moving mouse & plug/unplug HDMI, the icons in the launcher no longer refuse to launch applications, the cursor is now displayed as it should be, and a few other fixes have been implemented as well.

The quickly released OTA 9.1 also means that there won’t be an OTA 9.5, like the usual. There isn’t enough time for that. The next update will be version 10 and it should be available by the end of March.

Via Softpedia

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