Linux News Today: Wine 1.9.10 Introduces Civilization V and Microsoft Office 2007 Improvements

A new development release of the Wine open-source software, which is being used by GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users to run Windows applications and games, has been announced today, May 16, 2016, as version 1.9.10.

Prominent features of Wine 1.9.10 include Retina support for Mac OS X operating system by implementing a high resolution rendering option, better compatibility for the directory enumeration feature, a bunch of C++ runtime fixes, improvements to the video output, and fixes for 25 reported bugs.

Digging deeper into the changelog for the Wine 1.9.10 release, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, the Soulbringer, Ragnarok Online, Civilization V, TAGAP, TOCA Touring Car Championship, Shogun: Total War, Medieval: Total War, NordicBet Poker, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, Stars!, and Caesar IV Demo games received various improvements, so they should work better now.

Office 2007 and AfterEffects CS6 work better with Wine 1.9.10

In addition to the Windows games listed above, Wine 1.9.10 implements various performance improvements and bug fixes for several Windows applications, among which we can mention Java JRE 8 installer, OneDrive for Business installer in Windows 8 mode, HeidiSQL 1.9.5 or later, Microsoft Office 2007 (better PDF export), Microsoft Word Viewer 11.8, AfterEffects CS6, as well as AkelPad.

Wine 1.9.10 is now available for download as a source package via our website, but we recommend that you wait until the new version becomes available in the main software repositories of your GNU/Linux operating system. As mentioned before, this is the development branch of Wine, so it is not recommended for those who want to have only stable software installed on their personal computers. More details can be found below or on the official release announcement.

Via Softpedia

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