Linux News Today: Wine 1.9.11 Gets Direct3D 11 Improvements, DirectSound Down-Mixing Support

The Wine team announced the release of the eleventh milestone towards Wine 2.0, adding more improvements and fixing issues with various Windows applications and games.

Release highlights of Wine 1.9.11 include several improvements to the Direct3D 11 implementation, down-mixing support in DirectSound, various enhancements to the desktop mode, as well as better support for long URLs in the WinInet component.

As mentioned before, multiple Windows applications and games have received fixes in Wine 1.9.11, and according to the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, a total of 21 issues reported by users since Wine 1.9.10 have been addressed.

Among Windows apps that received fixes, we can mention Gómez Peer, WBaduk, Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool, Cisco Jabber 11.6, Autodesk 123D Design, and BitTorrent Sync Setup. These apps will work much better when they are used with Wine 1.9.11 or later.

The Witcher, Black Mirror 3, and Thief: Deadly Shadows got patched up

On the other hand, Wine 1.9.11 contains various fixes for the Safrosoft RoX, Starship Titanic, The Witcher, League of Legends, Warlock Master of the Arcane, PSOBB (Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst), Thief: Deadly Shadows, SpinTires, Trackmania United Forever, and Black Mirror 3 Demo Windows games got patched up.

Wine development release 1.9.11 is now ready for testing for various GNU/Linux operating systems, so it recommended that you check the main software repositories for the new version and apply the update if you use Wine 1.9.10 or a previous release.

Alternatively, you can download the Wine 1.9.11 source archive right now via our website and compile it yourself (onyl for advanced users). In related news, Wine-Staging 1.9.11 should be released shortly based on today’s Wine 1.9.11 release, bringing its own set of enhancements, for which we will write another story.

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