Linux News Today: Wine 1.9.15 Has Patches for Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, and Kings Quest 8

Wine 1.9.15 has been made available for download for GNU/Linux users who want to run various Windows games and applications on their favorite distributions, along with Wine-Staging 1.9.15.

With 22 fixes onboard for various Windows apps and games (see below for details), Wine 1.9.15 introduces more shader instructions in Direct3D, adds performance improvements to GDI, enhances the Active Scripting support, injects extra stream support in the C++ runtime, and offers better multi-joystick support on macOS.

Among the Windows games that have received improvements in the Wine 1.9.15 release, which is the latest development snapshot of the free implementation of Windows on Unix, we can mention Kings Quest 8, Metacell Demo, Tesla Effect, Bloodrayne 1 and 2, Aliens vs. Triangles Demo, Gauntlet, Max Payne Demo, and Alone in the Dark.

Slow screen update issues have been fixed for Kirikiri-based games

Additionally, if you encounter slow screen update issues with various Kirikiri-based games, you should know that Wine 1.9.15 adds a workaround for that. As for the Windows apps that have received fixes in the new Wine development release, we can mention Info-ZIP 3.0, Scottrade Elite 2013, GOG Galaxy, Kingsoft Office 2012, Nook eReader, and mIRC.

Last but not least, Wine 1.9.15 adds the scripting host “WScript.Quit” implementation to various Windows applications that use VBScript or JScript. Other than that, there are a few other small changes, so if you’re curious to know what exactly has been fixed, we recommend that you study the full changelog below.

In the meantime, please make sure that you apply the Wine 1.9.15 update on your GNU/Linux operating system if you want to run any of the Windows applications and games mentioned above. Wine 1.9.15 and Wine-Staging 1.9.15 are available for download right now via our website if you want to compile them yourself.

Via Softpedia

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