Linux News Today: Wireshark 2.0.3 Free and Popular Network Scanner Released with Over 40 Bug Fixes

Wireshark, the world’s most popular, open-source, free, and cross-platform network protocol analyzer software used by security experts for troubleshooting, development, analysis, and education purposes, has been updated to version 2.0.3.

Wireshark 2.0.3 comes two months after the release of Wireshark 2.0.2, the second maintenance build in the stable 2.0 series of the software, announced at the end of February 2016, and promises to patch nine security vulnerabilities, fix 41 bugs reported by users, and improve the protocol support (see below for details).

Multiple crashes have been addressed in Wireshark 2.0.3, in particular for the NCP dissector, IEEE 802.11 dissector, PKTC dissector, IAX2 dissector, GSM CBCH dissector, MS-WSP dissector, and TShark components. These are part of the nine security vulnerabilities mentioned above.

As for the bug fixes, we’ve counted 41 of them, and if you’re curious to know what exactly has been fixed, you’ll need to check out the changelog attached at the end of the article for your reading pleasure. Bug fixes are essential for any software project to remain stable and reliable at all times.

Many protocols have been updated

The Wireshark 2.0.3 release also updates the support for many protocols, among which we can mention Asterix, TCP, SMB, HTTP, DNS, ZigBee, ZigBee ZCL SE, ZigBee NWK, IEEE 802.11, MySQL, NFS, iWARP MPA, FMTP, IAX2, MS-WSP, DTLS, ZVT, GSM A, GSM CBCH, GSM A GM, and GSM MAP.

The QUIC, 6LoWPAN, ZEP, ACAP, RTP, BGP, DMP, SPRT, PKTC, EAP, R3, GPRS LLC, NCP, and GTPv2 protocols also received updates. Additionally, the Gammu DCT3 capture file is now supported. You can download Wireshark 2.0.3 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from via our website. Please update your Wireshark installation as soon as possible!

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