Linux News Today: You Can Finally Buy Official Ubuntu Stickers for Your Laptop & Desktop Computers

After a long wait, the website is proud to announce today, May 24, 2016, that they can finally offer stickers with the Ubuntu logo, thanks to a partnership with Canonical.

Earlier, we had a short talk with Stefano Di Luca, founder of, who told us that they managed to convince Canonical to collaborate with them in the selling process of various stickers, which we can tell you right now you’ll love for your Ubuntu-powered laptops and desktop computers.

For now, Canonical has only agreed that Unixstickers would print and sell stickers with the Ubuntu logo, but Stefano Di Luca believes that very soon his company would be allowed to manufacture more products for Ubuntu fans, such as t-shirts and mugs with the Ubuntu branding.

The new Ubuntu Stickers collection is now live at and includes a broad range of models, only with the Ubuntu logo in various sizes and colors so you can stick them over the “Windows” logo of you laptop, or on a USB flash drive, as well as with both the Ubuntu logo and name.

Unixstickers are also offering users the possibility of buying these new and awesome Ubuntu stickers in various kits and bundles, depending on their needs. Best of all, our readers can purchase any of the available Ubuntu stickers or any other merchandise from Unixstickers, with a $10 discount if they use the SOFT20 code.

Disclaimer: We make nothing off this, just passing the info along to our Ubuntu readers.

Ubuntu stickers

Ubuntu stickers

Ubuntu stickers

Ubuntu stickers

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