Linux News Today: Zorin OS 11 Lite & Business Get Valentine's Day Release for Windows Refugees

Only ten days after the release of the Zorin OS 11 Core and Ultimate editions, the development team of the Windows lookalike Linux-based operating system are proud to announce the release of the Lite and Business flavors.

While the Zorin OS 11 Lite Edition is based on the Lubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) operating system and built around the lightweight LXDE desktop environment, Zorin OS 11 Business is pretty much the same as the Ultimate Edition, but with more advanced tools and improved hardware support.

The Lite Edition of Zorin OS 11 comes with lots of updated applications and core components, numerous under-the-hood performance improvements, artwork and user interface tweaks, as well as better hardware support. Users can install the free Zorin OS 11 Lite Edition on low-end PCs with deprecated hardware components.

On the other hand, Zorin OS 11 Business costs money, and it is mainly targeted at small and medium-size businesses that don’t have the budget for installing the Microsoft Windows operating system on their computers. It includes Zorin’s premium installation support and software.

“Zorin OS 11 Lite is the latest and greatest version of our operating system designed specifically for Linux newcomers using old or low-powered hardware,” reads the announcement. “Zorin OS 11 Business pairs the most advanced desktop software with powerful and extensive tools to help you run your business better.”

Download Zorin OS 11 Lite Edition via Softpedia, where you will find Live ISO images for 32-bit computers. The Zorin OS 11 Business Edition is available for purchase right now on the project’s website, from where you can also grab the Core and Ultimate flavors.

Via Softpedia

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