EA Sport Will Release FIFA 13 This Year

At the moment EA Sports has not yet confirmed that they are working on a new football simulation in the long running franchise but it’s pretty much a guarantee that every year, at some point during September, gamers will get a new installment.

Given the advancements introduced in FIFA 12 it is highly unlikely that the thirteenth early game bearing the name will be revolutionary in any way but we’re likely to get advances in at least a few areas.

The Player Impact Engine that was the star addition to FIFA 12 will likely make a much better impression in its second appearance, with more fluid matches and a better selection of behaviors for players.

In FIFA 12 there are a lot of situations when the physics seem otherworldly in many ways, with tackles that lead to 50 meter slides for defenders and lobbed balls where gravity seems to no longer apply, and they need to disappear but the main challenge for a new game will be to make it easier and faster for the player to control the tactics of his team quickly as the match progresses.

Why it matters:

FIFA is one of the biggest franchises in the world of gaming and, even if innovation is not at the core of the experience, it has a sort of assurance of sale for football enthusiasts to get a lot of room to experiment when it chooses to do so.

EA Spots usually gives out very limited information about FIFA before it allows players to get hands-on time with the game, which might mean that the first solid news on the thirteenth game will probably appear in time for the E3 2012 show.

I am still playing and enjoying FIFA 12 almost daily and am genuinely excited to see where the team can push the series next.

via Softpedia