Fuduntu Linux Akan Dihentikan dan Diganti Distro Baru

Bagi yang pernah dengan Fuduntu, Fedora dg cita rasa Ubuntu, yang mampu menarik cukup banyak pengguna (berdasarkan rangking Distrowatch) akhirnya mengalami masalah besar dari beberapa strateginya. Fuduntu yang tetap menggunakan GTK2 dan model rilis Rolling bulanan akhirnya mengalami kebuntuan. Kebanyakan aplikasi sudah berpindah ke GTK3 dan sudah sangat jarang yang memberikan update dan patch untuk aplikasi GTK2. Mereka memutuskan untuk mengakhiri pengembangan distronya sampai rilis 2013.3 dan akan memulai pengembangan baru dg nama dan strategi baru.

Berikut kutipan beritanya:

On Sunday, April 14, the Fuduntu team held a public meeting on IRC. Many things were discussed, including some issues that have major implications for both the team and community. Among the things discussed were introduction of team members, status of various teams, and the future of Fuduntu.

The biggest topic discussed was the future of Fuduntu. The team has been striving to bring a stable system to the community and we believe we’ve been able to do that. One of the key aspects of that was using GNOME 2. However, as time has gone by, support for GTK2 has decreased dramatically. With this, apps using GTK2 have been moved to GTK3 and old versions are no longer being maintained for either bugs or security flaws.

In addition to this, the move of the Linux world to systemd has caused a problem for Fuduntu as it has become a required thing for many programs, but we do not use it. Together with the GTK issue, Fuduntu has reached an impasse. To move forward would take quite a bit of time and manpower, neither of which can be supported.

The team discussed several options and, ultimately, voted to end-of-life Fuduntu Linux. This decision was not made lightly but, ultimately, it is was the best option. In its current state, Fuduntu would be broken when we tried to move forward.

Beginning today, no new features will be implemented. The only exception are those features which are already being worked on. We will continue to provide bug and security fixes until the last day of support, however. 2013.3 will be the last release and September 30 will be the last official day of Fuduntu Linux.

Following that decision, however, most of the team members then discussed the idea of creating a “new” Fuduntu. Andrew Wyatt, however will not be a part of the new distro in an official capacity. After the decision to EOL, Andrew, the founder and lead developer of Fuduntu, announced his plans to retire after the final Fuduntu release. Andrew will be missed and his hard work and dedication is appreciated by all. While he will not be serving in an official capacity, Andrew will be serving as an advisor to the leadership and team of the new distro.

The plan for the new distro is to rebase it against another well-established distro. At this time, the team is discussing the plans with that and the community will be notified when a decision has been made. We realize that this will be a tough time for many and we hope to make it as smooth as possible.

We know that this may come across as a very disappointing announcement. However, we also feel this is the most responsible course of action. The Fuduntu team is committed to bring the best desktop experience and the only way to do that is to EOL Fuduntu and, for those continuing, start from scratch and allow a phoenix to rise from the ashes.

Next week, there will be another meeting in #fuduntu on Freenode. This will be a public meeting to discuss the future distro that will be started after Fuduntu’s EOL. We invite the entire community there and hope to get input from all those who wish to contribute.

The IRC log for the meeting can be downloaded at http://fuduntu.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5106