KDE Software Compilation 4.7 RC2 Released

The KDE team has announced on July 11th the second Release Candidate version for the upcoming KDE Software Compilation 4.7 environment.

The KDE developers proudly announced that last evening, July 11th, the KDE Software Compilation 4.7 RC2 (Release Candidate), a version that is focusing on fixing last-minute bugs and finishing the required documentation and translations.

“Today, KDE has released a second release candidate of the upcoming 4.7 release of the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Frameworks, which is planned for July 27, 2011.”

“With API, dependency and feature freezes in place, the KDE team’s focus is now on fixing last-minute showstopper bugs and finishing translation and documentation that comes along with the releases.” – was stated in the official announcement.

KDE Software Compilation 4.7 will be released this summer and it will bring various breathtaking improvements, like support for OpenGL-ES 2.0 on KWin window manager, major improvements on Dolphin file manager, support for GRUB2 bootloader on KDM (KDE’s login manager), and support for offline address search on Marble.

The KDE Software Compilation 4.7 desktop environment will be released on July 27, 2011. This is how it will look like:

Review image
KDE Software Compilation 4.7 RC2

KDE Software Compilation is translated into more than 55 languages. For a complete list of changes brought by KDE SC 4.7 RC2 please take a look at the official changelog.

In other similar news, the stable KDE Software Compilation 4.6.5 version has been released last week (July 7th), bringing various bugfixes to Kapman, konq-plugins, Sweeper, KFileReplace and JuK.

KDE Software Compilation 4.6.5 is the 5th in a series of monthly bug fixing releases to the KDE Software Compilation 4.6 series. For detailed information about how to update to KDE SC 4.6.5, please visit this article. (via Softpedia)