LibreOffice Cloud Is Coming Soon

Italo Vignoli, The Document Foundation’s spokesman, talked about the upcoming cloud version of the popular LibreOffice open source office suite.

According to Italo Vignoli, the LibreOffice Cloud is scheduled to be released next year, allowing LibreOffice users to store their documents in the cloud.

“The Android port is under way, but is the PORTING of the code to be around 80% (and not the CODING, which is still below 50%). The Android port is not a simple endeavor, and it will ask for a lot of CODING efforts once the PORTING has been completed.”

“One of these efforts is a new touch interface, which is – by itself – a huge development effort. This is the reason why TDF will not be in the position of making ANY announcement about LibreOffice on Pads – including a roadmap – before 2013.” said Italo Vignoli.

The LibreOffice Cloud app will be first available for the Android platform, followed closely by the iOS port of the application.

LibreOffice Cloud will definitely be a worthy competitor to the existing Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based office suite services.

via Softpedia