LibreOffice is Available for Chromebook & iPad via rollApp

Thanks to the rollApp online virtualization technology, LibreOffice is now available on iPads, combating Apple’s iWork suite and other (third-party) productivity tools which generally cost money to use.

The official announcement was made on The Document Foundation Blog.

“The Document Foundation is happy to acknowledge that the most recent version of LibreOffice – the best free office suite ever – is available on the iPad and Chromebooks as a cloud application […]”

The rollApp method means the user streams an on-demand copy of the application down to the tablet computer and facilitates work with files directly in their preferred cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box), with options to open, save, and edit documents.

Vlad Pavlov, rollApp founder and CEO, said, “LibreOffice’s powerful range of document management capabilities plus rollApp’s smart virtualization technology offer our customers and LibreOffice users a new and intelligent way to be more productive on both iPad and Chromebook.”

“We also want to thank LibreOffice power users for their contribution to helping us to deliver LibreOffice productivity suite on iPad and Chromebook,” he added.

With four comprehensive productivity applications – LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Writer, and LibreOffice Draw –, the suite provides word processing, spreadsheets, slides, and diagrams, all synced in the cloud for you to access anywhere, on different devices.

“Using the cloud apps, you’ll no longer have to install LibreOffice on your computer, laptop, iPad or Chromebook – rollApp allows you to run LibreOffice applications, edit and save files from anywhere,” according to the developers.

A list of key features is also provided:

• A simple-to-use yet powerful interface.
• Open, edit and save your files and documents with cloud storages: Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.
• Compatible with all major document file formats.
• Create Word documents and edit Excel files.

Visit to see the web-based LibreOffice up close.

via Softpedia