Linux News Today: Announcing the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day on November 20, 2015

The Ubuntu developers have announced the upcoming UCADay event, which encourages members of the Ubuntu Linux community to say “Thank you!” to someone they are thankful for.

Many users take Ubuntu for granted and if something does not work as they have expected, they start to complain and even discredit members of the Ubuntu Linux community.

What they don’t know is that Ubuntu is not just a simple operating system for their computer, but an entire community of users who are contributing to its growth every single day.

So if you’re using Ubuntu Linux on your home or office computer, or you develop apps for the Ubuntu operating system, and you feel thankful for someone in the community, on November 20 you can thank them publicly.

“This day exists to give bonds among Ubuntu Community Parts more strength and help everybody interacts with everybody else and thus creates more healthy and Human-friendly space for all of us,” said the Ubuntu developers.

UCADay (Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day) will take place every year on the same day, and that day has been set for November 20, which is very close to the Thanksgiving Day national holiday celebrated in US and Canada.

Where? Anywhere you can, on IRC channels, on mailing lists, on the phone, on chat, at a LoCo meeting, or even face-to-face. Also, don’t forget to thank yourself for using Ubuntu.

Via Softpedia