Linux News Today: APT 1.3 Development Advances, APT 1.2.13 Now Available for Debian and Ubuntu

The APT developers are hard at work these days to add as many new features and improvements to the upcoming major APT (Advance Package Tool) 1.3 release.

Exactly one month ago, we reported on the availability of the first experimental build of APT 1.3, which brough many changes and bug fixes, at least when compared with the latest APT 1.2 series which now lies in the unstable repository for Debian GNU/Linux.

On June 11, Julian Andres Klode announced the release of the second experimental milestone, bringing even more goodies to the upcoming APT 1.3 release. According to the internal changelog, which is a must read for any tech-savvy Linux user who wants to know what exactly has been changed, there are a total of 43 improvements.

And it looks like most of the work was done to add various new features to the EDSP (External Dependency Solver Protocol) protocol specification, but there are many other changes that promise to make APT 1.3 one of the most advanced version of the package manager used in Debian and its derivatives, including the popular Ubuntu.

APT 1.2.13 is now available for download

Also on June 11, APT and Debian developer Julian Andres Klode released a new maintenance version for the APT 1.2 series, APT 1.2.13, a small update to the command-line package manager that promises to provide a full apt bash completion implementation, improve a couple of translations, and fix a few bugs.

Both APT 1.2.13 and APT 1.3 experiemental2 are now available for download via our website as source packages. However, if you’re not a distribution vendor, you should wait for your Debian or Ubuntu-based OS to update the APT packages to the latest version available, APT 1.2.13, whose release notes you can read in the internal changelog.

Via Softpedia