Linux News Today: Beautiful Chapeau 23 Linux Now Has a Second Beta Release, Based on Fedora 23

Today, November 23, Vince Pooley from the Chapeau Linux project had the great pleasure of informing all users of the Fedora-based GNU/Linux distribution about the immediate availability for download and testing of the second Beta build of Chapeau 23.

According to Mr. Pooley, the Chapeau 23 Beta 2 release is a feature-complete one, which means that the final build is just around the corner, based on the Workstation edition of the Fedora 23 Linux operating system from Red Hat.

Chapeau 23 Beta 2 is here to fix some of the most annoying issues reported by users since the previous Beta release, as well as to update numerous core components and applications to their latest versions as of November 22, 2015.

“Again, if you find an undocumented issue it would be appreciated if you report it either in the the support forum or if you can figure if a particular Chapeau package is to blame for an issue then you can also log & track issues on Github,” said Vince Pooley.

Package from the RPMFusion testing repos are now included

The second Beta release of the upcoming Chapeau 23 GNU/Linux operating system also includes the latest packages from the RPMFusion testing software repositories, along with the default Chapeau 23 repos.

Mr. Vince Pooley invites all Chapeau users to download Chapeau 23 Beta 2, which is distributed as a Live ISO image only for 64-bit computers, and report last minute bugs they might find in the distribution.

With this occasion, we would also like to inform all users of the Chapeau 22 Linux that they can now upgrade to Chapeau 23. More details can be found in our in-depth article. Please keep in mind though that Chapeau 23 is still in development, which means that it not yet ready for production use.

Via Softpedia