Linux News Today: Black Lab Software Announces Linux-Based Mac Mini-Competitor Black Lab BriQ v5

We have been informed by Black Lab Software, the creators of the Ubuntu-based Black Lab Linux operating system about the general availability of their new class of hardware, the Black Lab BriQ version 5.

The 5th version of the Black Lab BriQ computer comes with many new features, among which we can mention the re-implementation of VGA for all editions, HDMI support, air cooling support for reduced power usage, as well as support for adding either a 2.5″ SATA drive or a SDD disk, which will save energy with up to 38% and 64% respectively.

“The 5th incarnation of the Black Lab BriQ offers unique features and enhancements which disinguish it from its predecessors,” said Robert Dohnert. “First, VGA has been reintroduced on ALL models; HDMI is still included. The BriQ is totally air‐cooled which reduces power usage – energy savings are over 64% with the SSD drive option and 38% with a traditional laptop SATA hard drive.”

Another interesting aspect about the new Black Lab BriQ version 5 computer is that it’s over 20% slimmer than previous versions. According to Mr. Dohnert, Black Lab BriQ v5 is the most environmentally friendly system on the planet, as the motherboard is 98% carcinogen freee, and the entire chassis is now made from recycled aluminum, which in turn is also recyclable.

Black Lab BriQ v5 has the same specs as Apple Mac Mini

The new Black Lab BriQ v5 hardware is available today in two different configurations, one with 4GB RAM, 64GB SDD drive, and an Intel i3 CPU running at 1.7GHz, and the other one with 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, and the same Intel i3 processor running at 1.7GHz. The SDD version will cost you $515.00 (€480) and the HDD model costs only $450.00 (€420).

Black Lab Software claims that the specs of Black Lab BriQ v5 are equal with the ones of Apple’s Mac Mini computer, but if you buy Black Lab BriQ you’ll save over $300.00 (€280). But wait, there’s more, as Black Lab Software also offers a Pro version of Black Lab BriQ v5, which comes with Intel i5 CPUs, up to 16GB RAM, and 256GB SDD or 1TB HDD.

Black Lab BriQ Pro models cost $775.00 (€730) for the SDD version, and $995.00 (€930) for the HDD edition. Also, both Pro models of Black Lab BriQ version 5 come with a 3-year extended warranty. You can purchase a Black Lab BriQ v5 computer right now from the official webstore of Black Lab Software.

Black Lab BriQ v5 back view

Black Lab BriQ v5 back view

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