Linux News Today: Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 Is Out with Improved Multi-Monitor Support for Moksha Desktop

Today, May 13, 2016, Bodhi Linux developer Jeff Hoogland announced the release and immediate availability for download of the Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 operating system.

As its version number suggests, Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 is the first point release of Bodhi Linux 3.2, the major version released at the end of March, which introduced the latest and most advanced Moksha Desktop 0.2.0 graphical interface based on the Enlightenment desktop environment/window manager.

Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 is not a planned released, but it looks like the developer of the Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution was forced to re-spin the original Bodhi Linux 3.2 Live ISO images because the non-Legacy ones contained the wrong headers for the Linux kernel. Also, it appears that the elementary theme was not configured correctly.

“This is an unscheduled bug fix release. The 3.2.0 release contained the wrong kernel headers by default on the non-Legacy ISO images and the default elementary theme was improperly configured,” said Jeff Hoogland in today’s announcement. “This release also addresses a bug with multi-monitor support in Moksha.”

Today’s Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 released also improves the multi-monitor support for the Moksha desktop environment. This and the changes mentioned above have already been pushed to the stable channels of those who are currently running Bodhi Linux 3.2.0 on their personal computers, so make sure that you update as soon as possible.

Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 is now available for download for newcomers.

Via Softpedia