Linux News Today: Canonical's Ubuntu Day Event Brings Ubuntu Linux to a City Near You

Marcin Kierdelewicz of Canonical writes on January 15 about an upcoming event that promises to bring the Ubuntu Linux operating system in a city near you during the entire year of 2016.

The event is called Ubuntu Day, it is organized by Canonical and its partners around the globe, and it aims to promote and advance the adoption of the Ubuntu operating system and its GNU/Linux technologies amongst local markets. It is Canonical’s new way of making people aware of Ubuntu’s capabilities.

Ubuntu Day is a local event and an opportunity for people from all over the globe to meet the world’s best free operating system, as well as to learn about its features, including Ubuntu Cloud products like Juju, Charms and MAAS, as explained by various Ubuntu experts.

“I’ve been busy planning our first ever Ubuntu Day. Ubuntu Day is a local event organised with our partners to support awareness and adoption of Ubuntu technologies in local markets,” said Marcin Kierdelewicz, Global Channel Business Development at Canonical.

The first Ubuntu Day event will take place in Milan, Italy

The first ever Ubuntu Day event will take place on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, in Milan, Italy. People from Milan and surrounding areas are welcome to attend the event and learn everything there is to know about Ubuntu Linux, thanks to Ibuildings, the European Open Source Technology Advisor for Web & Mobile.

Canonical also awaits business owners to be present at the Ubuntu Day event, to talk about partner opportunities for expanding the presence of Ubuntu Linux in local markets. The meeting point is 3 Via Santa Maria Valley, 20123, Milan, Italy, Europe, but you will need to register your attendance today at

The event will have two sessions, a morning one, which is free, between 9:30am and 12:30pm for the general audience, where Ubuntu experts will introduce you to Ubuntu technologies like OpenStack, BootStack, Autopilot, Juju, MAAS, and Landscape, and an afternoon technical session between 1:30pm and 5.30pm, when you are introduced to MAAS, Juju and Charms, but it costs €49,00.

Via Softpedia