Linux News Today: Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 Stable Release Launches with Linux Kernel 4.5, Dos2Unix

Clonezilla Live and GParted Live developer Steven Shiau has released today a new stable version of his acclaimed Clonezilla Live CD, which users can use to clone their disk drives and partitions using the open-source Clonezilla utility.

Based on the latest Debian Sid software repositories, Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 is now live as the latest stable version of the product, which includes all the upstream security patches and software updates as of May 29, 2016. The kernel packages have been upgraded as well, and Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 ships with Linux kernel 4.5.4.

According to the release notes, the biggest new features implemented in the Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 stable release are the Dos2Unix and Unix2Dos utilities that let users easily convert text files with DOS or MAC line breaks to Unix line breaks and vice versa, as well as support for the ocs_preload boot parameter.

The ocs_preload boot parameter can be used to fetch sh, zip, or tar files from FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or a local URL location. Then, these archives will be automatically extracted to the /opt directory. The Partclone utility has been updated as well in Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25, and it’s now at version 0.2.88.

openSUSE Leap 42 support for ocs-install-grub has been added

Among other noteworthy changes, Clonezilla Live’s ocs-install-grub component now works on the openSUSE Leap 42 operating system, allowing the installation of the GRUB bootloader. Moreover, there’s a new tool, ocs-match-checksum, which promised to verify checksums of the cloned image and included files in the block device.

“The new example file mdisks-checksum was added. It can be used to save or restore disk with checksum mechanism enabled. Especially for deploying multiple disks. An example gen-rec-iso was added. It could be used to create a recovery ISO directly from the machine by Clonezilla live,” says Steven Shiau in today’s announcement.

Lastly, Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 ships with a brand new mechanism that allows the inspection of checksums in a disk partition. It can be activated using the “-gmf” flag while in expert mode before attempting to save a disk image, or using the “-cmf” parameter before trying to restore a disk image or for disk to disk cloning.

Download Clonezilla Live 2.4.6-25 right now via our website.

Via Softpedia