Linux News Today: CoreOS Linux 1068.6.0 Brings Linux Kernel 4.6.3, Docker 1.10.3, and systemd 229

On July 12, 2016, the CoreOS development team released a major update for the CoreOS Linux kernel-based operating system designed with massive server deployments in mind.

Powered by Linux kernel 4.6.3, CoreOS Linux 1068.6.0 is to introduce many updated components. Among them we can mention coreos-metadata 0.4.1, the systemd 229 init system, Docker 1.10.3 application container engine, Bash 4.3_p46 GNU shell, rkt 1.7.0 App Container runtime for Linux, etcd 0.4.9 and 2.3.2 service discovery packages, as well as fleet 0.11.7 distributed init system.

Other changes include an workaround for an issue reported by users with empty SSH (Secure Shell) host keys, the implementation of a default group for /dev/kvm, better support for transient services, improved handling of Unicode characters in Bash, a patch for a systemd-sysusers crash that occurred during parsing of the user database, and the removal of the Kubernetes kubelet.

“The Stable channel has never contained a version which included the kubelet. If an instance was booted from the Beta or Alpha channels and then moved to the Stable channel, it would lose the kubelet when it updates to this release,” explain the CoreOS developers in the official release announcement, which is a recommended reading if you want to know what exactly has been fixed.

CoreOS 1068.6.0 is now the latest stable version of the open-source, lightweight operating system designed to offer a stable and reliable infrastructure to clustered deployments, which system administrators can use to create and maintain open-source projects for Linux Containers (LXC). Download CoreOS 1068.6.0 right now via our website.

Via Softpedia