Linux News Today: Dell Announces Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 Series Powered by Ubuntu

Dell has announced that the Embedded Box PC 3000 Series and 5000 Series, furthering the partnership with Canonical by providing this hardware with Ubuntu.

Dell is already one of the biggest companies out there that offer Ubuntu with some of its hardware, and it looks like they are aiming at expanding this partnership with Canonical. In this case, the embedded Box PC 3000 Series and 5000 Series are also getting the Ubuntu treatment, along with a few Windows OSes.

With all the eyes focused on Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress 2016, another event took place in Nürnberg, Germany, between 23 and 25 February. This was dedicated to embedded systems, hence the name Embedded World Exhibition & Conference. It lacks the glamor of Barcelona, but some pretty interesting stuff has been happening there.

For example, only yesterday Canonical announced that Dragonboard 410c is now their reference platform for Ubuntu Core on ARM 64-bit, which marks the start of the collaboration between the company and Qualcomm.

More Ubuntu from Dell

We might not be very impressed with embedded devices, but they are actually already present everywhere. This is the direction, and the world is soon going to be a one giant IoT industry.

“Dell announced the Embedded Box PC 3000 Series and 5000 Series coming to market in summer 2016. The Embedded Box PC will be available with Ubuntu operating system, and we’re very excited to partner with Dell to provide software security and reliability to match that of Dell’s hardware,” reads the announcement from Canonical.

Both the Box PC 3000 Series and 5000 Series are fanless, which means that they are extremely quiet. The 3000 series is based on Intel Atom processor, it can be used headless, and it’s perfect for kiosks, automated vending devices and even cars.

On the other hand, the 5000 series is a little bit more powerful, as it’s based on Intel Core, it comes with two PCI/PCIe card slots, and allows for multi-HD video streaming apps and high-frequency sensor data sources.

A precise launch date hasn’t been announced, but we do know that they are going to be made available during the summer of 2016.

Via Softpedia