Linux News Today: digiKam 5.0.0 Powerful Image Editor Officially Released, Ported to Qt5

Today, July 5, 2016, the development team behind the digiKam open-source and cross-platform image editor software proudly announced the final release of digiKam 5.0.0.

digiKam 5.0.0 comes two years after the release of digiKam 4.0.0. During these years, it received numerous snapshots that brought various nifty features and improvements, all of which are now present in this final build, which is available for download right now for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

“After two years of work, the digiKam team is proud to announce the final release of digiKam Software Collection 5.0.0. This main version introduces a new cycle of releases, which will be shortly released to quickly include all the fixes reported by end users,” reads today’s announcement.

Here’s what’s new in digiKam 5.0.0

First of all, the port to the next-generation Qt 5 technologies. Yes, that’s right, digiKam 5.0.0 marks the end of the Qt4 and KDE4 era, and it looks like it has been almost completely ported to Qt5. Besides the Qt5 porting, many APIs have been replaced with new ones, and lots of code was optimized so that the application will perform much better.

digiKam now uses a robust multi-core and multi-threaded implementation for querying the database instead of the old KIO-slaves, there’s now a virtual digiKam trash folder, so you’ll be able to recover photos that you might have deleted by accident, or you just changed your mind, and the metadata workflow has been improved, in particular when synchronizing the metadata of a photo with the database contents.

A new Settings panel is now available, allowing users to fine-tune the various image tags, date, comments, rating, keywords, etc., the kipi-plugins project has been ported to Qt5 as well, the new face recognition database is integrated into digiKam core, and there’s a MySQL/MariaDB interface.

Download digiKam 5.0.0 right now via our website.

digiKam 5.0.0

digiKam 5.0.0

digiKam 5.0.0

digiKam 5.0.0

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