Linux News Today: Full Disk Encryption Coming to Manjaro Linux Soon, Calamares 2.2.2 Out Now

Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team were proud to announce earlier that the next major release of the Manjaro Linux operating system, version 16.06, will feature full disk encryption support.

Full disk encryption is a must for any computer and mobile operating system these days, when hacking tools are becoming more and more accessible to anyone who wants to do damage to someone else by attacking their privacy and stealing their most precious files.

And things are looking glorious for the Manjaro Linux distribution, which is based on the very popular Arch Linux operating system, as the next major version, Manjaro Linux 16.06 “Daniella,” will come preloaded with the Calamares 2.3 distribution independent installer framework, which will provide LUKS encryption support.

“Our upcoming Calamares 2.3 installer now supports full hard drive encryption. Watch this video to get more information about it,” said Philip Müller on behalf of the Manjaro Development Team. “It took us a while to fix and adjust some themes to get another great KDE edition out there.”

Calamares 2.2.2 out now with various improvements

To give users an early taste of the full disk encryption, the Manjaro development team also released today a new developer build of Manjaro Linux 16.06, which includes GTK 3.20, LUKS support, AMDGPU driver improvements, Manjaro Hardware Detection enhancements, artwork updates for the new Maia theme, as well as corresponding icons and cursor.

In related news, the Calamares 2.2.2 graphical installer has been released and it promises to fix a build issue with very recent builds of KPMcore, address an issue with minimum storage and memory requirements, which have been ignored in certain cases, improve the error reporting in the unpackfs module, and add Qt5 support.

Via Softpedia