Linux News Today: GNOME Shell Adds Style Week Numbers in Calendar, Mutter Support Screen Rotation

The GNOME 3.19.4 desktop environment has been released today, and as part of it, the GNOME Shell and Mutter components were also updated to version 3.19.4 with several improvements and bugfixes.

Looking at the internal changelogs for each project, which have been attached at the end of the article for reference, we can notice that Mutter 3.19.4 adds support for wl_pointer v5 events and implements Drag-and-Drop (DND) actions for the next-gen Wayland display server.

Moreover, Mutter now supports screen rotation, but only if it’s supported by driver, adds better support for updating the stacking order when the ‘transient_for’ argument is set, handles broken WM_CLASS property implementations, and fixes multiple bugs.

On the other hand, GNOME Shell 3.19.4 does not allow bypassing of the disabled Sign In button in the GDM (GNOME Display Manager) login screen, implements style week numbers for the Calendar applet, and addresses various minor issues.

Lastly, several language translations have been updated for both GNOME Shell 3.19.4 and Mutter 3.19.4 milestone, among which we can mention Lithuanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German, Norwegian Bokmal, Turkish, Indonesian, and Czech.

Those of you who want to test these releases can download GNOME Shell 3.19.4 and Mutter 3.19.4 right now from our website. However, we remind you that they are pre-release versions, not suitable for use in production environments. More details can be found below.

Via Softpedia