Linux News Today: GNOME's Nautilus File Manager Now Shows SD Cards and External Drives in the Sidebar

As reported earlier this week, the GNOME Project announced the release of the second and last maintenance version for the current stable GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, bringing updates to numerous GNOME apps and core components.

The Nautilus (Files) file manager has been updated as part of the GNOME 3.18.2 release, and according to the internal changelog attached at the end of the article, it brings all sorts of tweaks and fixes for some of those annoying bugs reported by users since the previous version of the software.

Among the new and interesting features implemented in Nautilus 3.18.2, we can mention the ability to display external disk drives and SD cards in the sidebar instead of the Other Places view, better support for Samba shares, which will no longer crash the app, as well as improved support for opening a new window via the command-line.

Nautilus now lets third-party themes tweak the color of the operations button, avoids empty operations popover, adapts the rename entry to the width of the file, and increases the maximum width of the operations popover to work better with ellipsize translations. As usual, you can find all the juicy details about this release of the Nautilus file manager in the changelog below.

Many other issues have been resolved

Moreover, a frequent crash will no longer appear when closing the Nautilus window, it is now possible to open locations in a different Nautilus window than the one used by the user, various other frequent crashes have been patched, and Other Places lockups issues have been addressed.

Nautilus 3.18.2 is now being distributed as part of the GNOME 3.18.2 desktop environment, so you can easily install it from the default software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution. As an alternative, you can download the Nautilus 3.18.2 sources right now from Softpedia and compile the software by hand.

Via Softpedia