Linux News Today: Jonathan Riddell Mocks Canonical with His Own Intellectual Property Policy

In some more relaxing news, Jonathan Riddell, leader of the Kubuntu Linux distribution, has had the great pleasure of announcing his own IP (Intellectual Property) policy, mocking Canonical’s.

For those of you who are not in the loop, Jonathan Riddell has opposed to Canonical IP Policy several times until now, asking the company behind the world’s most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux, to change it or move it off the Ubuntu website.

Seeing that nobody at Canonical was interested in his opinion on the matter, Mr. Riddell has announced today the “Jonathan Riddell™ IP Policy,” which is a simple line of text: Policy: give Jonathan a hug before using his IP.

“This is the Jonathan Riddell™ IP Policy. It applies to all Jonathan’s intellectual property in Ubuntu archives. Jonathan is one of the top 5 uploaders, usually the top 1 uploader, to Ubuntu compiling hundreds of packages in the Ubuntu archive,” says Jonathan Riddell.

The entire, “official” text of Jonathan Riddell’s IP policy can be found at the end of this blog post, and it is a recommended reading if you want to have a good laugh and detach yourself a little from the more serious GNU/Linux and Open Source news.

Of course, you should not take any of this seriously, simply because it is Jonathan Riddell’s way of convincing Canonical to change Ubuntu’s IP (Intellectual Property) policy or at least move it from the Ubuntu website not to confuse new users.

Via Softpedia