Linux News Today: Linux Kernel 3.14.67 LTS Is a Small Update with PA-RISC, EXT4, and IPv6 Fixes

Immediately after announcing the release of Linux kernel 4.5.2 and Linux kernel 4.4.8 LTS, renowned kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman also published details about the Linux 3.14.67 LTS kernel.

Linux kernel 3.14.67 LTS is the sixty-seventh maintenance version in the long-term supported Linux 3.14 kernel series, and according to the diff from the previous point release, Linux 3.14.66, it’s a very small update that changes a total of 35 files, with only 272 insertions and 121 deletions.

“I’m announcing the release of the 3.14.67 kernel. All users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade,” said Greg Kroah-Hartman in the release announcement. “The updated 3.14.y git tree can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary.

Here’s what’s new in Linux kernel 3.14.67 LTS

Among the changes implemented in the Linux 3.14.67 LTS kernel, we can mention a couple of fixes for the PA-RISC instruction set architecture developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP), minor improvements to the EXT4 filesystem, and the addition of the mod_timer() function to the ALSA sound driver for rearming the system timer.

The networking stack has been updated as well, with small changes to the IPv6 and IPv4 protocols, as well as to the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), and the mac80211 framework. There’s also a mm fix for an invalid node in the alloc_migrate_target() function.

Several drivers have been updated as well in Linux kernel 3.14.67 LTS, for things like GPU (mostly Radeon), HID, hwmon, USBVision, Xen, and networking (Ethernet, PPP, WAN, USB, and Wireless. All users of GNU/Linux operating system powered by a kernel from the Linux 3.14 LTS series are urged to update to version 3.14.67 immediately.

The sources of Linux kernel 3.14.67 LTS are now available for download via our website or from

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