Linux News Today: Linux Kernel 4.1.19 LTS Has IPv6, IPv4, and Btrfs Fixes, Many Updated Drivers

Immediately after announcing the release of Linux kernel 3.18.28 LTS, Sasha Levin published details about the general availability of the nineteenth maintenance build of the long-term supported Linux 4.1 kernel series.

Linux kernel 4.1.19 LTS appears to be a pretty big release that changes a total of 142 files, with 2568 insertions and 1122 deletions, and according to the diff from the eighteenth maintenance build, most of the changes are networking stack (mostly for IPv6 and IPv4, but also IUCV, L2TP, SCTP, and TIPC) and drivers updates.

Among the updated drivers we can notice crypto, libata, InfiniBand, GPU (mostly Radeon and Intel i915), IOMMU, networking (mostly Ethernet (Mellanox and Broadcom), but also PPP, Phy, and USB), PCI, SCSI, iSCSI, TTY, and vhost. Additionally, the Btrfs, EXT4, and CIFS filesystem received small improvements.

“I’m announcing the release of the 4.1.19 kernel. All users of the 4.1 kernel series must upgrade,” said Sasha Levin in the announcement. “The updated 4.1.y git tree can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary.”

Users are urged to update immediately

As with any new maintenance release of a stable kernel branch, users are urged to update their Linux kernel-based operating systems as soon as possible. Therefore, if you’re running a GNU/Linux distribution powered by kernel packages from the Linux 4.1 LTS series, you need to upgrade to the 4.1.19 version immediately.

With this occasion, we’re urging OS vendors to grab the Linux kernel 4.1.19 LTS sources from the website or via Softpedia, tweak and compile it for their operating systems, and push the update to the main software repositories for users to update.

Via Softpedia